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Djeco: Little Match 2+ card game for toddlers

80 ש"ח

To arrange the animals in a row, they must be the same color or shape as the animal in front of them. Help them get sorted out!

The cards are shuffled, each player is dealt 4 cards. Place the remaining penalties in the middle of the table. The first card in the pack is turned over and placed in the center of the table. Each player in turn must try to put their card in the middle of the table - but the card must either be of the same color as the previous one or represent the same animal. If the card cannot be played, the player takes one of the pile and the game proceeds to the next player. The first player to put all of their cards in the middle of the table wins.

Number of cards 40

Duration about 5 minutes.
Number of players from 2-4

Age from 2.5-5 years

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