Your story

My name is Sarit Rapp mother of 4 and wife to Zev. I founded Rapp Baby in 2013 after the birth of my second daughter Noa. I was very sleep deprived after my oldest was born and searched for solutions to help babies sleep well at a very young age. It was then that I came across SwaddleDesigns, a brand that is high quality and with a mission similar to mine ”helping young parents care for their children”. Founded by Lynette Damir, a registered nurse who also studied design, so all the products were practical, useful and high quality. I realized their swaddle blankets weren’t sold in Israel so we shared our goals and thoughts and found  that they were mutual. I was on a mission to bring great products to Israel that will help parents calm and sooth their babies. High quality, that can be used for several babies without wearing out. As we grew, we started finding more brands that were high quality and which we felt were missing here in Israel. 

We now import 5 different brands including clothing and accessories with the goal of being stylish practical and useful. We also carry other leading brands from toys to sports for children. All this is under the brand name ‘Mommy Bar’. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. At your service always.

Mommy Bar team